Noise Rating NR and Noise Criterion NC Curves

Calculating NR and NC

NoiseMeters Applications includes reports that calculate the Noise Rating and Noise Criterion values that are used to assess rooms for speech communication, noise annoyance levels and by the air conditioning industry.

nr/nc curve report

As well as calculating the single value for NC or NR, the reports also show the curves plotted against the original measurement.


Octave Band Filters - The Sound Level Meter

Noise Rating and Noise Criterion values are calculated from the Octave Band measurements, so you must have a meter that measures in the Octave Bands.

The following meters are support by NoiseMeters Applications and are suitable for NR/NC curves:


NR and NC Reports

The NR and NC reports can be viewed on screen, in your browser. They can be printed, saved and exported to Excel or similar application for custom reporting or saving on to your local drive.


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